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we all have different prespectives when traveling , me being so visual ,no matter where I am , I always enjoy any single view that is in front of me ,all about #nature and it's inmensity, #historicalbuildings , #colors and admiring a vintage motel sign while driving,

the forms of many different buildings ,of different times , #thypographies and environments that reflects old times, the history that keeps a special place when trying to imagine how many lives where at that place ,how many experiences ,how many happy and sad moments were lived there and many other feelings is what makes a trip unique for me.

everyplace that I find interesting I must say almost everywhere I go ,I try to google it and read about it. and it becomes even more interesting for me Since I admire from a different perspective

Being in the #Greatcanyon makes me realized that moving around from different watch spots every view becomes a #masterpiece

Thank you 😊 for reading my post .

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