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Did you hug your child today?

What I really want to know with this , when was the last time you were hugged?

Because we all need to be #hugged and #touched.

I once heard that we all need 10 hugs a day, and if for some reason we don't get them we should hug ourselves. This made me think about how important being hugged can be to our well-being in all aspects of our lives.

It was then that I said to myself ... I will begin to hug everyone around me and so I began this task of love by #givinghugs, sometimes soft, other times strong and tight as well as on occasions depending on the person it included a kiss; - )

Giving well-being to others is giving it to oneself since that also included my hug.

some were always ready to receive it and smiled with emotion when they felt the hug.

Others, as incredible as it seemed, I was surprised that they did not want to be hugged rather they refused to receive it, they said do not hug me I do not like hugs and honestly I did not care even so I hugged them and the most surprising of this is that after not stop and continue doing it for several days, they themselves began to come for their hug and told me to hug me, sometimes they just stand infront of me and look at me like what is wrong with you? , you have to hug me, at the same time that his lips opened without saying words expressing with his open posture like, what happened? hug me. And that's where I began to realize that in reality, although some deny it, it is completely indispensable and necessary to #behappy.

this is a #powerful and #spiritualgift.

So to #hug it was said.

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