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My life

2012 in Mexico,Tequila,Jalisco.

today 2018 is being a big change for us.

living in usa for 5 years is being a challenge as an Artist,Woman&Mother.

finding out where to start ,how to start a life as an Artist. I am working on my site to show my work in the web after 3 years of doing art for many different people and making them happy with the colors, art,& messages that some of my art includes.

my English is getting better of course but is not as good as sometime I would like to speak and write.the way I transmit ,who I am and want to share is mostly by my art and with it ,you can know a lot about my self .

.Love,passion,compation,being humble,patience,joy,work hard, not looking for perfection & accept and love my self as I am ....without pretending to be someone different to please someone or others . this are my everyday challenges for becoming

a better woman for my happiness and for those that I love and are part of my life.


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