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Woman painting in the floor

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

There are days that going to the floor is my last option, after being painting for several days.

when being standing or sit starts to be kind of affecting your body; so there is where I need to relax and change the perspective of my painting, I just go to theincrerible floor ,take my shoes off and touch earth.

It is a wonderful experience and tecnic that I really recommend to any artist.

the perspective change and the view and appreciation of the canvas becomes to be different piece of art,sometimes totally different. creativity comes to me again in a different way ,is like awaking to a new stage of the painting.

I start to stretch my legs and back is like doing yoga and art at the same time.

showing one corner in my studio .... in the past ....last year ....I can say that it used to take half part of my living room.this gave me the opportunity to be close to my family ,even if sometimes was kind of stressful dealing with family and my art at the same time ,....but I also learn how master this talent ,I think moms and wives know what I am talking about.

. painting with purpose . thank you.

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Looks like such fulfilling fun and way of expressing yourself.

Margarita Warner
Margarita Warner
10 août 2022
En réponse à

Yes it is an everyday discipline😊



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