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Owl Miracles / Watercolor /Art Canvas / 8"x10"

Owl Miracles / Watercolor /Art Canvas / 8"x10"

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Art Work & Description By #MargaritaWarner  Artist & Writer. 

.wood canvas art with a glossy resine coat finish.

making it look a perfect accent art on any wall decoration.

great adittion to your art collection or art gift !


GalleryGicleeArt/LoveforOwls/Wallart/ResineArt/WallDecor/UniqueArt/GalleryArt/OwlWhimsical  Painting/MiraclesArt/Owlwatercolorart


Measure 8"x 10" X 1.5"


Signed and Dated By Artist


.high quality vibrant art expression.

finished with high gloss resin to get a glass look .


Frame made of wood.


How I decided to paint a Pink Owl with a Miracle quote?one good friend told me once that owls brings miracles when they visit any home and their eyes expressions say how increible is the miracle they give.

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