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Happiness Owl / Watercolor / Art Canvas / 8"x10"/ Watercolor

Happiness Owl / Watercolor / Art Canvas / 8"x10"/ Watercolor

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Art Work & Description By #MargaritaWarner  Artist & Writer. 

.wood canvas art with a glossy resine coat finish.

making it look a perfect accent art on any wall decoration.

great adittion to your art collection or art gift !


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Measure 8" x 10" X 1.5"


Signed and Dated By Artist


.high quality vibrant art expression.

finished with high gloss resin to get a glass look .


. Made of Professional Wood Canvas for wall hanging. 

. Art description in the back of it.

. Certificate of Authenticity Included.


Inspiration .

What made me paint this spiritual owl?  honestly? just came, and visit my imagination in a very  spiritual moment.  what year was it made? it was 2015. Stockbridge ,Ga. ,where it was common to listen a ho ho owl or bi bi bird. 

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