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We Have a Family / Original Painting / 16”x 20"

We Have a Family / Original Painting / 16”x 20"

Excluding Sales Tax

By Margarita Warner,

 love, acrylic, and collage are used.


This price is for the original painting but in case you love this artwork and would like to get my work in

Flat Art prints (you will frame) in formats like 5x7" and 8x10" or

Wood-framed art print (no need to frame ready to hang )

then you will need to send me an email and will let you know more info.

All my #artwork is signed and dated in the back in case you want it in front let me know. 

Certificate of Authenticity is Included on every original artwork as #Artprints.

***Would you like to see how it will look in that Living Room or any space you are thinking about? you just need to send me a picture of it, a front one, and I will send it back with the art hanging on that wall so you will be able to appreciate the concept.

Customer service is very important for me.

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