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Rainbow Mosaic Peace Sign 12"

Rainbow Mosaic Peace Sign 12"

Excluding Sales Tax

By Margarita Warner 

Handmade Glass Mosaic Peace Art work for wall decor.


Make love not war
All we are saying is give peace a chance. - John Lennon

This Peace Sign is all Hand Made

hand cut and paint Glass .

I use multiple selected little pieces of glass .

Vibrant Rainbow colors to  make this Peace Sign pop!

as green,teal,purple,orange,red,blue,white,silver...

.These Peace symbol  Sign is 9" inches in diameter and is 1/2 inch thick.

.sign is made of wood material (MDF) and has been primed and painted in black 

using good quality grout and sealed.

The back of the Peace Sign has a  Hole opening for easy hanging. 
signed and dated by artist.

This Peace Sign is one of a kind and would be a nice gift for anyone who loves Peace Signs or bright colors! 

* For indoor use only


available in other sizes (12" and 16") see my website for options.


thank you 

email for more info 


wholesale prices available.








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