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Looking Glass Mosaic Heart

Looking Glass Mosaic Heart

Excluding Sales Tax

Clay Heart hand-crafted mosaic glass.

Send love to someone or start your own collection.

Nicely Wrapped for that special gift that shares love with a heart.

Unique and handcrafted,

Artisanal Mosaic Heart inlaid with tiles and light-catching glass to form a three-dimensional work of art.

small  size heart measures approximately 6x6x2"

with a metal hook in the back to could hang in the wall.

also can be displayed over a table or in a bowl.

all colors available.

Artistically shaped by pieces of hand-painted glass, our handcrafted Hearts adds an element of subdued sweetness. 

With its own unique character,

all hearts are signed by the Artist. Margarita Warner.


colors and shapes of glass can vary, considering that is not a reproduction item is all handmade.


One of a kind Clay Heart cover with a unique style of glass mosaic using different colors all hand paint and hand-cut.

all colors can be related to chakras as follows.

1.Red.heart chakra(safety, survival, grounding, nourishment from the earth energy,)

2.Orange.heart chakra (emotions,creativity,sexuality,& associated with water,flow.

3.Yellow.heart chakra (mental activities,intellect,personal power,will.).

green.heart chakra(heart conected with love & compassion).

4.Green.heart chakra (connected with love,integration,compassion)

5.Blue.heart chakra (self expression,creative expression,comunication).

6.Purpple.heart chakra(espiritual,intuition,extrasensory perception,inner wisdom).

7.White.heart chakra(connection with spirituality, consciousness)Normal


colors and glass shapes can vary depending on the screen considering that is not a reproduction  

this is a handmade product.



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