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Flowers inspire me.

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

My Journey most of the times starts walking in my neighborhood with my Dog,used to be Oakley but he is not with me is Tomy , taking them to walk push me to go walking everyday,it is so relaxing when I start contemplating all kind of flowers while I keep walking.

flowers, leaves,grass,sounds of birds, butterflies .... etc and the sound of tree leaves while they move with the wind, felling the sunshine over me ....woow beautiful meditation time.

I stop to observe the nature of flowers and the colorful world of them. their unique language, the blooming.....

the facination from flowers since I was a child is one of my inspiration to fall in love with my colorful world, the one that dives me into my own palette of colors ,mixing them without knowing sometimes how they comes over my canvas... I consider being a visual woman more than other senses ,the one that put my self over painting.....what is your main sense that makes you be creative? can be cook, dance, sing etc...

finding my inspirations sources is what click in my brain and hear that inside voice that keep saying to me ... what are you waiting for?

Go to your studio and paint,paint,paint....

no matter what else is happening in your life .paint to make you happy. and forget about things that can disturb your day.

I find it also as a healing process for my own toxic thoughts and emotions.

and keep me from being a nice woman to be around .

write By Margarita Warner

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