Mosaic Heart  in the Box  12x12

Mosaic Heart in the Box 12x12


Clay heart Gift for San Valentine's/San Valentine's Heart/Mosaic Gift for San Valentin's/

Mosaic Glass Art/Wedding Gift/Aniversary Gift/Mother's Day.

.One of a kind Heart in a wood box 12x12"x 2"

Clay Heart & glass mosaic art piece, handmade paint and cut work , 

framed on a wood box.

pigments,mediums and resines with an antique Gallery look. 


Margarita Warner art.


Heart chakra color meaning.

1.Red.heart chakra(safety,survival,grounding,nourishment from the earth energy,) chakra (emotions,creativity,sexuality,& associated with water,flow..

3.Yellow.heart chakra (mental activities,intellect,personal power,will.).

green.heart chakra(heart conected with love & compassion).

4.Green.heart chakra (coneccted with love,integration 7 compassion.)

5.Blue.heart chakra (self expression,creative expression,comunication).

6.purpple.heart chakra(espiritual,intuition,extrasensory perception,inner wisdom).

7.White.heart chakra(conecction with spirituality,consciousness)Normaly


we have all colors in stock,in case we are out of stock 

we will need 20 days for producing and shipping.

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