Rose Finch Bird Watercolor Art 8x8"

Rose Finch Bird Watercolor Art 8x8"


ROSE FINCH BIRD watercolor art.


Fine Art Print 8x10

high quality using archival quality inks and onto acid-free fine art paper. Signed by Margarita Warner Artist.

This item does not include the frame is only for the art print.

Different options available

-framed on wood

-matte framed email for further info.


Watercolor artwork expressing PEACE IN THE FOREST.



they are primarily granivorous, most sing well and several are commonly seen cagebirds; foremost among this is the domesticated canary.

their nests are baskets-shaped and usually built in trees,

Habitat; near-global distribution, being found acrosss the Americas, Euroasia, and Africa as well as some island groups such as Hawaiian islands.


this art piece can be displayed by itself or groups.


it is a high-quality reproduction of the original painting, a very vibrant art expression.