Splendid 3d Art Wall Decor for Home

My Mosaic is the art of assembling hand-cut/hand-painted  glass, into clay, ceramic and wood.  

using various artistic shapes for wall decor.

Making mosaic artwork is a highly time- and labor-intensive discipline, but well worth the effort.

Hand-painted glass in multiple colors on canvas with a unique art finish.

here is just a few examples of my collection. 

e-mail for more info: margarittasart73@hotmail.com


Framed Art 3d Mosaic By Margarita Warner

Explore all my art designs ideas and customized your own colors and style with this variety of forms, colors and textures. 
Yellow Daisy Festival 2020 

Are you a cat lover? here is the right place for your collection besides other animals as fish, trumpeter elephants, flowers,hearts,peace symbols, owls,hummingbirds,evil eye hands choose from this big variety of colors and forms.