My first step into art was making a collection of 60 different drawing designs in real size, each object with an own story to tell as Iron Lamp Sculptures, Blown Glass Vases, and Metal Sculptures for and Expo in Tlaquepaque,Mexico.

Together with my 5 artisans team, my first dream became possible in 1998 on Trade Shows for international and national Home Decor Stores and Galleries.

After 15 years of traveling and being in expositions between Mexico, the United States, and Italy, I felt the desire again of making something new in my own style and my way of expression getting into art and illustration.

My Bachelors in Graphic Design, my travel spirit, attending to Museums and galleries with my visual artistic overthinking mind, and my profound love for art history, made these new beginnings possible, I moved from Guadalajara,Mexico to Stockbridge, Ga in 2013 with my husband and two daughters believing in my artistic talent and experience I decided to start a new life, making a stop in my work and taking a sabbatic year to become a full-time mom.

Being close to my family without thinking about the next collection is what brought me new happiness and a meditative lifestyle finding joy in cooking for my family, gardening, dog walks in the middle of the forest being surrounded by nature as birds sing in the morning,

connection with my family, flowers, and animals was my inspiration to start over again. I built my home studio in a living room corner, garage, and storage house in the back yard.

Faces were my first series of paintings all about myself and my loved one's expressions.

After that flowers, birds, and owls followed by butterflies and trees.

Whimsical and realistic art using watercolors, acrylics, and mixed media.

Then,  mosaic hearts collection followed by other artisanal mosaic work. 

All of them were handmade in my studio with those main components to make something pretty...

Love,Gratitude,Joy, Inspiration, Happiness and personal Conection with all around me as finding joy in the present.

then jump into my new adventure, art festivals, and trade shows in Atlanta, Ga.

choosing to paint different topics and ideas without having one specific, I can not stay in the same idea, finding excitement in new work  but keeping my personal style that anybody can say that it is my art creation.

Now after being active for 6 years in shows and being an art teacher, in 2020 had to stop again but not because I wanted but more due was force to do it with the lockdown.

so these became to be my second opportunity to stay with my family and take a rest from painting and start working on my website and social media, being a new challenge for me that little by little, day by day is like baby steps.

after painting more than 500 paintings and illustrations was about time to share my collections with everyone that is interested in my work and wants to find some kind of inspiration in your life, when you find the balance and keeping focused is when everything is possible.

from my colorful happy art to make you happy, some with uplifting worths to my mid-century favorite style, finding freedom in my abstracts, and practicing patience in my artisanal mosaic work getting the perfect combination for finding the joy in any new artwork.

there is much more to share to become part of my art community and let's share more.

now more than ever we need to stay together and keep ourselves stronger by sharing and being close to each other.